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Jaquelin Jenkins is the founder of Cygnus CBD based in Raleigh, NC. The Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract that Cygnus CBD offers is grown on an organic family farm near the beautiful Yeopim river in Eastern North Carolina. Jaquelin previously worked in politics in Denver when the cannabis industry began to boom.


In 2016, her grandfather Dr. Samuel Jenkins was starting to feel pain throughout his body from being on his feet his entire life. This led Jaquelin to bring CBD back to NC for him from Denver. Although Dr. Jenkins was a traditional doctor born in the 20s, he was willing to try it after all of his other prescriptions had unbearable side effects or had barely worked at all. CBD, being a natural compound, was what interested him, and it worked wonders. Dr. Jenkins stayed alive another year without feeling nearly as much pain as he had before CBD.


This event combined with Jaquelin’s father, Sam Jenkins, having a green thumb led them to embark on the journey of starting Cygnus CBD. Sam is thrilled to have his hemp license and to be a partner in this new venture under the LLC of "Cygnus" as it was the name of his late father's sailboat which was named after the beautiful constellation. The constellation makes the figure of a swan which is known for representing; love, devotion, and partnership which is what they hope the hemp movement brings to our state and nation. The rest of the Jenkins family and a few close friends are involved in different parts of the business.


For each purchase made with Cygnus CBD, you are also making a donation toward a local medical school to ensure that constant research is being performed to test the true capabilities of this natural compound.


Changing the Perception of Cannabis


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